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Our Story

The healthcare sector faces a critical challenge with the shortage of top-quality professionals, leading to: 

  • Reduced job satisfaction and higher staff burnout

  • Increased medical errors and patient mortality

  • Extended vacancy periods and unsafe work environments

  • Challenges in rural and underserved areas

At Hallie’s Medical Staffing, we address these issues head-on. As a nurse-owned company, with over two decades in the healthcare industry, we specialize in placing exceptional healthcare professionals. We offer comprehensive supplemental staffing and recruitment services for healthcare facilities and medical groups. Our uniqueness lies in our partnership approach with clients. We deeply understand their specific staffing needs, align with their business goals, and provide a streamlined, cost-effective hiring process. With expertise in per diem, local and travel contracts, permanent placement and temp-to-perm, Hallie’s Medical Staffing is your strategic ally in overcoming healthcare staffing challenges, ensuring the delivery of quality care.


Your Strategic Partner in
Healthcare Staffing

At Hallie’s Medical Staffing, we provide a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to streamline your staffing process and ensure you receive the best candidates.


Rapid Hiring Process

Our vast network of pre-screened candidates accelerates the hiring timeline.


Reduced Recruitment Costs

We eliminate the administrative burden and costs associated with the recruitment process.


Trusted Partnerships

By understanding your organization and goals, we foster long-term relationships, ensuring a consistent supply of both quality and quantity in talent.


Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation

Our thorough approach includes research, targeted planning, interviewing, reference checks, and rigorous candidate qualification.

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